Standout is a free monthly publication that comes out in the very beginning of each month reflecting the spirit of the month, season or social events enclosed in that period. The slogan of Standout is 'It's Everything You Need To Know" which emphasizes that it reflects what is new in the market, in a very handy form and inviting layout

BOGO plus:

The gigantic bundle of "Buy One Get One free" coupons, based on 2 for the price of 1, covering restaurants, cafes, beauty, health, fitness, hotel accommodation, adventure, leisure, technology, products and services.

Aiwa Travel:

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Aiwa Ba2a – BOGO plus:

A smaller version of BOGO plus covering all fields full of Buy One Get One free coupons to enjoy the 2 for the price of 1 experience for a less budget.

Aiwa Offer:

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Golden Tickets:

Golden Tickets are designed to use against Great golden deals that reach up to 75% discounted deals communicated regularly

Mobile App:

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